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Other Services by Property Fixer BD

Property Fixer BD can act as an authorized representative working to help you achieve your requirements without you needing to take part in the activities.


  • Power of Attorney: A Power of Attorney or Letter of Attorney is a written authorization to let someone represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matters, by acting as the principal, grantor, or donor.
  • Foreign Power of Attorney (Registered): A Foreign Power of Attorney in Dhaka enables the applicant living abroad to appoint a person or organization from abroad to manage his/her property or affairs in Bangladesh and needs to be attested by the Embassy of Bangladesh in that country and then needs to be submitted along with two sets of photocopies for attestation.
  • Power Acceptance from RAJUK/ NHA/MOW office: In the case of government property, an approval needs to be taken for the Power of Attorney to be recognized legally.
  • Approve Plans & Lay-Out Plans: In order to begin a construction project, multiple documents need to be approved by authorities. These include Building Plans and Layout Plans. Property Fixer BD ensures that these plans are approval-ready and help in acquiring those approvals both in the case of creation and in the case of loss retrieval.
  • Occupancy Certificate: Property Fixer BD will help you ensure you are legally allowed to occupy and use a property with all the approval necessary from governing bodies such as RAJUK.
  • Missing Occupancy Certificates: Without the Occupancy Certificate in Dhaka, there is no proof that the building is up to standard. This could mean there are safety possibilities, there may be issues with mortgage arrangements, and insurance coverage will not be a possibility. Utility services will also not be legally authorized from the municipality, meaning no gas, water, or electricity.
  • Prove Your Inheritance: Property Fixer BD helps with acquiring a Succession Certificate which is necessary to prove the inheritance of property ownership by the survivors of a deceased property owner.
  • Succession Certificate: (Succession Act-1925) (A) Obtaining Succession (Warishan) Certificate from the local govt authorities, i.e. City Corporation, Municipality or Union Parishad. (B) Obtaining succession certificate through the Court of Law.
  • 10.NEC (Non-Encumbrance Certificate): The Non-Encumbrance Certificate is a record of all the deeds registered or missing over the last 10-15 years that ensures everything is on track for smooth processing.

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