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Legal Land Registrations Services by Property Fixer BD

Transfer of ownership of a property is completed with the registration of the corresponding deed. Usually deed registration includes Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Power of Attorney (POA) and Mortgage Deed respectively. Deed registration is done in the concerned Sub-Registry Offices (SRO) located in the districts and metropolitan cities. Different deed registration entails different levels of Gov. fees, taxes, VAT and miscellaneous expenses.Depending on the intensity and speed of execution of the registration of deeds, related service charges would also vary. As per the provisions of the law, deed registration formalities can also be done at property location or home or office addresses of the purchasers, sellers or beneficiaries. This process is called Commissioning of Land Registrations Services.

Separate charges are applicable for commissioning of registration. Property registration is an essential legal process for securing ownership. Our expert legal team at Property Fixer BD ensures a hassle-free registration experience. Property registration in Dhaka city is a crucial step in securing property ownership. With the help of Property Fixer BD, you can navigate this complex process with easy and confidence.

Our expert legal team is committed to providing top-quality services and ensuring compliance with property laws and regulations. For professional assistance with your land property registration, contact us at 01711947617, and let us help you achieve a seamless and hassle-free property ownership experience.

Land Registrations Services

Land Registrations Services Overview:

  • Drafting of Sale Deed
  • Facilitation of registration
  • Certified True Copy
  • Assistance in preparing necessary documents for a flat registration
  • Verification of property documents for authenticity
  • Liaison with relevant government authorities
  • Support in completing the registration process

Benefits of land registration bd:

  • Ensuring compliance with Bangladesh property laws and regulations
  • Minimizing risks associated with property disputes or fraud
  • Simplifying the complex flat registration process
  • Saving time and resources by efficiently managing the registration

If you want to make all your land registrations services by yourself you can definitely visit in nearest land registration office dhaka which known as land registration office tejgaon dhaka

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