Document Withdrawal Services

Document Withdrawal Services by Property Fixer BD

We serve in Dhaka city clients with a dedicated team of experienced attorneys, Property Fixer BD knows the best way to address our client’s legal issues. We understand our clients’ requirement. Your case is important to us — read on to learn about our areas of expertise. Property Fixer BD provides expert legal document preparation and vetting services, ensuring secure and smooth transactions.

Here we can offer you by providing following assistance regarding property management services around you:

  • Sale permission from NHA/RAJUK/ MOW office
  • Occupancy Certificate from RAJUK
  • Approve Plan from RAJUK
  • Power acceptance from RAJUK/ NHA/ MOW office
  • Succession Certificate
  • AC Land Mutation
  • Mutation permission from RAJUK/ NHA/MOW office
  • Title Deed
  • Partition Deed
  • Power of Attorney
  • Foreign Power of Attorney (Registered)
  • Deed of agreement
  • Hiba-Bil-Iwaz Deed
  • NEC (Non-Encumbrance Certificate)
  • C.S. S.A. R.S. & City Jorip Porca Certified Copy
  • C.S. S.A, R.S & City Jorip Porca Khasra Copy
  • Mouza Map Tejgaon Satrastha Land office
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